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Private Customized Scuba Diving Is Our Specialty

Go where you want, when you want, day or night!

St. Croix is home to some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. All of our dive packages are custom, so we go where you want, when you want day or night. Whether you are diving the magnificent walls and coral gardens of the north shore or the wrecks, the pier, and the coral gardens of the west end, there is something for every level and interest of diver.

We arrange it all-boat, shore, and night diving to fit your interest and schedule.

If you are not certified and would like to try the sport, we can take you on a Discover Scuba Dive.

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You have watched movies and television and seen people gliding effortlessly through the water. Possibly you have been to an aquarium and seen incredible fish on the other side of the glass, or maybe you've watched a nature show and were mesmerized by the beauty of our oceans. Now is your chance to participate, to glide weightlessly through the water and be amazed at the beauty that lies beneath the waves; no class, just you and me in Neptune's World.

Your adventure begins at our pool with a video and a pool session with Deanna, your instructor. She will make very sure that you are comfortable in the water and with the scuba gear. From there, we progress to the ocean for a dive no deeper than 40 feet. This dive will be from a beautiful beach (good for those who have non divers with them). If you fall in love with ocean, we can do extra dives as well. You can also go on to do your Scuba Diver or Open Water Certification.


Everyone has heard of snorkeling, but most people believe that anyone can just jump in the water and do it. For some, that may be true; but for others that is far, far from the truth. There are some techniques and simple skills that make the sport a lot easier and a whole lot more fun. With a little help, almost everyone can master the techniques, skills, and enjoy the underwater world.

It doesn't matter if you are 5 of 85, you can have a GREAT time. Can't swim well? There are snorkel vests to give you confidence and keep you afloat. Give us 2 hours of your time and we will have you snorkeling like a pro, as well as take you on a great tour of the reef. Once you have the basic skills and a little practice, you are ready to set out on your own and enjoy the wonders that wait for you beneath the turquoise waters of St. Croix.

Snorkel equipment is available for rent. Click here.



We provide all equipment including Atomic Regulators; weight integrated BCDs, tanks, weights and lights for night dives. All pre-booked divers & students receive a free slap strap.

All dive packages are custom designed to fit your interests and level of expertise. Your package can be designed around an Open Water student if you have one in your group. When we are diving with your group there are no other divers with us, this is strictly private.

We highly recommend sturdy dive boots for our beach dives.


We offer private, personal instruction. MASTERING diving skills until you are comfortable is our goal. We take all the time that is needed to accomplish this; your instructor has endless patience. PADI sets forth standards that make learning to dive safe and fun; we always follow these standards.

Open Water Student Diver

You can do the entire class here or you can do your 4 open water dives with a referral from your dive shop at home.

All classes are private and all gear is provided.

Refresher Course
If you have not been diving in a while this is very good idea.
Academic review & quiz, practice of skills in our pool followed by a shore dive at Cane Bay

Continuing Education

Now that you are certified have some REAL fun!
Since you plan on diving anyway, why not learn something new?

Advanced Open Water
5 adventure dives
Learn new skills, gain confidence, and see more.

Explore the activities that interest you the most!
Deep, Night, Navigation, Wreck, or DPV just to name a few.

All classes are private and all gear is provided


We are now Rebreather Divers and can help you to be a Rebreather diver too. Experience the underwater environment with no bubbles. It is a very different experience from regular SCUBA. You can stay down longer, with a warm body and moist mouth. The wildlife will come closer and the silence is awe inspiring...

Recreational and Technical Certifications to suit your needs...


You can get a personalized video of your dive(s) to keep and share with family and friends. Check out a sample here:

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